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Portable Plus


Product family Compaq Portable series
Type Portable computer
Release date November 1983
Introductory price US$3,590
Operating system MS-DOS
CPU Intel 8088, 4.77MHz
Memory 128 kilobytes (expandable to 640 KiB)
Storage One floppy drive and a 10 MB hard drive
Display Built-in 9" green screen monitor
Graphics Unique CGA-compatible video card
Mass 28 lb (13 kg)
IBM PC compatible
Successor Compaq Portable 286



The Compaq Plus is a 16-bit portable computer equipped with a IOM-byte fixed disk
drive. It can run all software developed for the IBM PC/XT, says Compaq.
The fixed disk features a shock isolation system that is designed to allow it to operate
reliably in rugged environments. With the fixed disk, the Compaq Plus can store over 10 times more information than a dual-floppy-equipped Compaq.
The Compaq Plus includes the IOM-byte(formatted) fixed disk drive; a 5.25-inch, 360Kbyte
floppy disk drive; 128K bytes of RAM;a nine-inch green phosphor display; two IBM
PC-compatible hardware expansion slots; the MS-DOS 2.0 operating system, and the Basic
programming language.
The Compaq Plus has a suggested retail price of $4995. Also available is a fixed disk upgrade option which gives the Compaq portable computer the storage capacity of the Plus. The
upgrade includes the IOM-byte fixed disk drive, the shock isolation system, and a controller
card. It carries a suggested retail price of $2500.
- Compaq sales details