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Portable 386


Manufacturer Compaq Computer Corporation, United States
Type Portable computer
Release date 1987
Operating system MS-DOS 3.3, Upgradable to 6.1. Also supports Windows 3.1
CPU Intel 80386 @ 20 MHzIntel 80387 (FPU) option
Memory 1–10 MB RAM
Display 10" amber colored gas-plasma display
Graphics 640 × 400 resolution CGA, 80/40 × 25 text
Sound PIT using a mini speaker
Connectivity CGA, serial, parallel, ISA expansion bus
Dimensions 41 (width) x 19.2 (depth) x 24.8 (height) cm
Mass 11 kg (24 lb)
Predecessor Compaq Portable III
Successor Compaq Portable 486

"Lighter and faster... for its time."



The successor of the Portable 3, a very expensive piece of hardware for its time. Same body but a big step forward comparing the internal components.

PC Magazine said "Its the hottest thing you can pick up with a handle. At 20 MHz, it outperforms everything else on the market but its deskbound sibling. Yet it's rugged enough for on-the-go computing, takes standard PC cards in an elegantly engineered span-on expansion chassis, and weighs less than 20 pounds. Some folks may not like the styling, but everyone loves the way it performs. "