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Portable III


Manufacturer Compaq Computer Corporation, United States
Type Portable computer
Release date 1987
Introductory price US$3,999 (equivalent to $9,110 in 2020)
Operating system MS-DOS 3.1
CPU Intel 80286 @ 12 MHzIntel 80287 (FPU) option
Memory 640 - 8192 kB RAM[1]
Display 10" amber colored gas-plasma display
Graphics 640 × 400 resolution80 × 25 text
Sound PIT using a mini speaker
Connectivity CGA,[2] serial, parallel[1]
Dimensions 41 (width) x 19.2 (depth) x 24.8 (height) cm
Mass 9.1 kg (20 lb)
Predecessor Compaq Portable II
Successor Compaq Portable 386


"Lighter and faster... for its time."



A very successfull portable, the Portable 3 was an upgrade from the Portable 2 mainly on weight, memory and bigger screen. It soon received an upgrade of its own, the 80386 processor version.